An effective response to the pressures of running a Charity or Non-Profit by GoCloud Systems.
We run shared services so you can concentrate on the things that matter for your cause.

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A great place to work

We've architected an amazing place to work, fresh clean looks and plenty of space to meet and discuss the important stuff.

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Shared Services

As Specialists in IT we've taken care of a bunch of services so you can concentrate on the big picture and helping your cause. We're working on an awesome office space that includes all the basic services including IT Support, Security, Wifi, and Printing. Advanced Services include Web and Application development. We're experts at getting the best value out of our partners and generally look to save you 40% of these costs.

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Fundraising & Blog

We've had a lot of feedback on the current generic fundraising applications, we're designing our own just for you, but we need your help to make it more awesome!
There's also heaps of resources here to help your nonprofit.. have a look a round and feel free to mention anything we've missed

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What we do

We're changing the game, we're building a space where charities can thrive, where costs are shared and efficiencies are gained through coordination and collaboration.

What we've done so far...

We've worked to reduce costs for the charities we work for, saving on average 40% of the servicing costs in IT. and now we're extending thet to the office space too.

What's next?

We're currently checking out a few office spaces in Central Wellington, looking for that perfect mix of open plan but with enough room to have a couple of meeting, rooms a kitchen and some cool chill out space.

An invite..

If you're struggling with the recent government funding cutbacks, or just want to hang out in a better space you can join us.. We've got options from a desk through to a couple of hundred square meters of office space.. get in touch!


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Get in touch

If you're looking for more information on what we're doing, click the "Learn More" button below and we'll be in touch